AgraCo Technologies produce saver division
AgraCo Technologies produce saver division

Produce Saver Keeps Your Produce Fresh

Since 2012, food prices have been on the rise… This bit of news affects every aspect of your life. With energy and fuel prices on the rise, and the weakening of the US Dollar, it is only natural that food prices would follow....

The question comes down to this: “What can I do about it?” Well, in the case of fresh fruits and vegetables, the answer is simple. Find a way to make them last longer. Freezing, pickling, and dehydrating are established as tried and true methods to preserve vegetables and fruits. The problem is at that point, they are no longer fresh fruits and vegetables.


All fruits and vegetables release a gas known as ethylene. This occurs during the ripening process and accelerates as the product gets to the break point. The break point or “breaking” can best be described as the point where the fruit or vegetable is no longer ripening, but starting to decay. The age-old adage of “one bad apple spoils the bunch” is in fact true. The increase in ethylene in the air will encourage other fruits and vegetables to start this process and accelerate the process in the vicinity.


The ethylene is the key, along with temperature and humidity. While your refrigerator controls the temperature and humidity, it cannot control the ethylene. That is why AgraCo Technologies has created the Produce Saver. To provide serious reduction of ethylene amongst your fruits and vegetables, place the Produce Saver sachet in your refrigerator. This reduction in ethylene can extend the life of your produce for up to 4 weeks. That gives you more time to enjoy your produce and reduces the amount of rotten fruits and vegetables.


Recommendation: Change sachets every 30-60-90 days depending on density and type of produce.

Sachet Weight: 0.95 oz. (27 grams) 2 sachets Per Package.


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