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AgraCo Technologies founder Kenneth A. Potter Kenneth A. Potter

AgraCo Technologies International, LLC, traces its roots to Agway, Inc., a multi-billion dollar agricultural cooperative founded in 1964, and headquartered in Syracuse, New York. Stretching from Maine to Maryland, Agway, through many small companies, existed to support the numerous small farms of the Northeastern United States with agricultural products, new agricultural technologies, and a multi-state produce distribution system. Faced with a decline in membership from the aggregation or elimination of many small farms, Agway liquidated the assets of a number of its holdings, including those of CPG Technologies (CPG). In late 2000, the former President and CEO of CPG, was offered the opportunity to purchase CPG's ethylene removal line of business, which included Extend-a-Life TM filters and Produce & Floral Saver TM sachets.


The Company's initial mission was not only to sell ethylene removal products, but to identify and market a wide range of unique agricultural technologies. One of the company's central tenets continues to be the firm belief that the US scientific community is continually inventing many new products which quickly become "orphans". Without entrepreneurial support, these valuable, and many times elegantly simple products, never reach market. This, then, has been one of the primary elements of the original AgraCo business plan - to establish a US and an international customer base, and to supply these customers with products that are environmentally friendly, simple to use, and effective. These products include those generally employed in the US and international agricultural business sector, but which also might have significant consumer applications.


Military sales have buoyed the company from its beginning, and have provided additional revenues from some unexpected events, such as the sale of 7,500 fly traps to a deployed Marine Division in Iraq, followed by similar purchases by other military units. These sales, along with sales of ethylene filters to the US Navy, have been a key factor in the Company's growth since 2001.


In May of 2004, the Company moved to a new office facility in Norristown, PA, which is convenient to public transportation and major highway systems, and provides the opportunity for expansion over the next several years.


In September of 2009, AgraCo moved production facilities and offices to Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Potter, a former food company CEO, and one of the company's initial investors. Mr. Potter has taken a more active, product development and sales role in the Company. This effort, in addition to his involvement with sales and marketing of new lines of products, including a farm soil supplement called NitroMaxTM, have greatly improved the Company's competitive position.

Following the execution of a programmed and comprehensive sales plan for the Navy, the Company will introduce its products to the food service operations (domestic and expeditionary) of the remaining Armed Forces customers, US Military Sealift Command, US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, and US Coast Guard.


Current dialogue with a number of large domestic food service conglomerates, produce warehousing operations, and institutional clients such as schools, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, indicates that significant markets continue to exist for the full line of AgraCo's ethylene filtering products. These opportunities are being aggressively pursued by AgraCo's leadership and sales staff, in addition to continuing the growth of sales in our other product lines.


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