AgraCo Technologies International
AgraCo Technologies International

Agra-Co Retail Solutions : Innovator of the Mosquito Patch and Produce Saver

Agra-Co Retail Solutions is an innovator of products such as the Mosquito Patch and Produce Saver, headquartered in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Although our origins trace back to Agway’s founding in 1964, in 2009 our company focused on staying ahead of cutting edge technology offering products which use natural materials. We now work closely with schools, hospitals, domestic food service companies, warehouses and the United States Military to offer the latest in ethylene filters, produce savers, mosquito patches, and natural disinfectant products.

Mosquito Patch

All natural 36-hour mosquito protection patches are the natural way to keep mosquitoes away. 


Produce Saver

Virtually all fruits and vegetables give off a natural gas called ethylene. This gas starts the ripening cycle. Our Extend-A-LifeTM filters and sachets absorb most of the ethylene produced by these fruits and vegetables. 

Ethylene Filtration Systems and Filters

For use in cargo containers, reefer trucks, cold rooms and walk in refrigerators with electric blower units.



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