AgraCo Technologies agricultural division
AgraCo Technologies agricultural division

AgraCo Soil Conditioner Helps Nutrients Enter Your Soil

Soil Amendment

Soil Conditioner is a soil aerator which allows NitroMaxTM or other nutrients and amendments to enter the soil. This is an ammonium laurite sulfate based formula. IT IS COMPLETELY BIODEGRADABLE. This is a highly concentrated liquid surfactant used to break up the hard pan by loosening soil and aiding upward and downward movement of water.


  • This soil aerator allows water and air to permeate more deeply and quickly into the soil NI/CAL - "Corrects Calcium Defencies" Ni/Cal is calcium nitrate plus carbon and 18 trace elements.
  • The most readily available form of calcium for rapid correction of most calcium deficiencies.
  • Ni/Cal will not "tie up" the soil, it's calcium remains available under the most adverse conditions.
  • 50% cast savings when used as an alternative to lime
  • Use to increase crop yields
  • Use to reduce need for chemical fertilizers by up to 50%
  • Use in organic farming Use in commercial and residential gardening

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